Training and support

Job one

Our comprehensive monthly plan includes upgrades and complete support. Training is provided as part of the start up fee.

Software updates are deployed regularly and relevant new features are demonstrated online to our clients.


All new clients must receive training. All our training is provided remotely online. This allows training sessions to be briefer but more frequent. We try to cover topics as they arise at the client's site. It is very important that new issues involve an MRT training or support person to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. We make such training sessions a top priority. There is nothing more important than ensuring a successful launch by a new client.


Providing top quality, timely support to our clients is our most important operational objective. Every effort is made to ensure you run trouble-free. When issues arise we provide rapid and effective solutions to get your system back into error-free operation as quickly as possible.

Online access

We require online access to your affected system when requesting incident support. This allows us to quickly review and diagnose issues by seeing the actual issues occur. This, in turn, allows us to keep costs down for both you and us.

Our preferred interface for interacting with you is Webex which requires broadband internet access at the affected computer device.

Support plans

MRT offers comprehensive support on all of its services and products. Support plan types include:

  • Software license purchased.
    • Comprehensive prepaid support.
    • Per issue support.
    • On line web support help.
  • Software license leased.
    • Comprehensive prepaid support included.
    • On line web support help.