Install software, define the ordinance and import legacy data.

Installing software

Installation of the system includes the interface (the visible screens) and the backend database. The database is installed only once regardless of the number of computers the system is deployed on because the same database is shared by the entire installation. The database intializes the first time the program is run which invokes an interview process to define the ordiance. The interview covers all areas of the ordianance and is modifiable later if certain information is unknown or changes.

Populating legacy data.

Templates of data structures such as locations, existing permits and alarms are provided which facilitate importing legacy data to bring the system to a starting point where any previous systems used left off.

Adding users

The primary user is defined when the program is first installed. This user is automatically set up as the system administrator. Unlimited additional users can be added as either administrator or standard users (recommended). All user access requires password authentication.